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February 27, 2005

New template for this blog

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I am brand new to Movable Type (the software that powers this blog), but I’m liking what I see so far in the manuals, from the support staff, and on the web.
I just changed the stylesheet template for this site to “Tiny Blue”, which is freely available from


Welcome to my new blog!

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Hi there! I am so excited to finally have this blog set up that I can hardly stay seated to type! I’m a .NET consultant in Atlanta, GA. I love digging into advanced .NET topics, particularly where things are not documented so well and intense digging is required. I have wanted a place to publish what I find, and to talk with others about it. Finally, I have it.
I have thought long and hard about how I would define the scope, or the “purpose statement”, of this blog. I know a lot of people talk about their personal interests, political views, etc., all intermingled with the technical content they want to share. That’s cool — it gives you kind of a glimpse of their whole personality.
But that’s not the route I’ve decided to take. Instead, I want to focus solely, and tightly, on advanced .NET topics. I hope this blog gains a reputation as a high signal-to-noise source of interesting information on advanced .NET topics. Because I enjoy that, and because I want to communicate with others who also enjoy it.
Right now, I’m trying to dig into the internals of .NET design-time support. I have made some custom controls for a project I’m doing with Home Depot, and I have found that, beyond a certain point, there’s a lot you need to know that isn’t documented. There are some good books out there (and I’ll talk about them some here I’m sure), but there doesn’t seem to be the “one book to rule them all” on this subject. So, I’m left trying to get answers to the questions myself — which is cool, because I love doing that kind of thing.
Thanks for visiting! I hope you find this a place you want to visit regularly. I’d love to hear from you. To control spam, I do require registration before you can make comments — but you can keep your email to yourself if you want (and I’d never give it out without your permission anyway).
Charlie Flowers
Atlanta, GA

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