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April 1, 2009

Git on Windows and behind Firewalls

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I do .NET development on my Mac, and for source code management I use Git from the Mac Terminal window. But once I’ve developed the code, I have to get it onto the company’s development server, which is a Windows machine behind a firewall. I do this using git on Windows.

There are multiple choices for Git on Windows, but I chose the MSysGit route. I used putty to get around the firewall issues. I also had to set the whitespace setting in the MSysGit repo to match what it is by default on Unix — without that, things still worked but Git would change Windows-typical line endings to Unix line endings, causing a diff to think every single line had changed.

Once I worked through all that, everything worked beautifully (and it has for months now). I code on my machine, push to a GitHub repo, and the pull from GitHub to the Development Server (using MSysGit / Putty).

I culled through 100’s of articles while getting this set up. Here are the hand-picked articles that were the most helpful for me.


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